Monday, January 2, 2012

"Nicest Thing"...Kate Jablonski

At SERVINGCHOREO, we believe that great choreo can be found anywhere! Take a look at what student, pre-professional dancers are capable of, when they are matched with a choreographer who has a sensitive ear and keen eye:

MUSICALITY: The underscoring musical choice is an integral component to Kate's work. By analyzing different layers within the score, she mines various phrases that are rooted in the vocals, percussion, strings, etc. And Kate's work is literally wrapped in the musical information she gets from the track, its always a perfect compliment

DANCER SYNC: Although these are highly trained, technical student dancers, who bring an immense degree of maturity and sensitivity to the piece, it is Kate's ability to match the movement with her dancers' facility that makes this piece a worthwhile watch.

AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: Kate possesses a masterful ability to take a theme and find the variations that augment each other, similar to the way harmony works in music. This colorful connection between the phrases is the quality that grabs the attention of the viewer and maintains our focus until the resolution!

KUDOS to Kate for creating movement that actually enhances the dancer's technique and devising creative ways to intrigue the eye

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