Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Everybody Nose"...Tony Testa & Jillian Meyers

So, this short little video exemplifies many of the qualities that we look for at SERVINGCHOREO! Let's break down the elements:

MUSICALITY: As you can see, the dancers are literally reacting and responding to the musical cues in the track, nothing is forced or artificial, it flows with a natural, organic rhythm.

DANCER SYNC: The choreography fits the dancer's body and frame like a tailored suit, the dancers never look like they are "fighting" the movement.

AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: Notice how the syncopation and rhythmic elements compel the viewer to continue watching all the way through, nice use of multiple levels and playing within the frontal plane!

KUDOS to Tony and Jillian for creating a cohesive work of art within the hip hop vernacular!! Dance is more than a bead string of sequential movements, it is an artistic statement. Working in the hip hop genre, Tony and Jillian are pure artists making an expressive statement...something that all young hip hop choreographers should aspire to.

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