Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Please Don't Stop The Music"...Keone Madrid & Mariel Martin

Progress is the intersection of what has come before and the spark of something new...nothing in choreography is TRULY original, every individual movement has been done before. However, what is unique and fresh, is the mind and eye of each generation, the historical context that flavors the work of the present. In this video, we see elements of the past, combined with a contemporary perspective and the result is electric:

MUSICALITY: Throughout the years, I have heard many complaints from dance enthusiasts, bemoaning the "noise" that typically accompanies hip hop movement. While I don't personally feel that this is a valid criticism, I understand where they are coming from. However, this piece offers a beautiful example of the versatility that is available within the hip hop genre. Working with a track by Jaime Cullum(who is somewhat of a musical fusion artist, blending hip pop and jazz standards) Keone and Mariel breathe funky new/retro life into an over-played Rihanna original. The original music and video choreo was a hard hitting club dance track...and it is now transformed into sultry, sexy blend of old and new.

DANCER SYNC: I particularly enjoy the partnering interplay(1:35-1:37) and the movement dialogue that occurs between the two dancers. Although some of the sections are perfectly in unison, the male and female energies are strongly defined and exectured.

AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: Structurally, our eyes are drawn to clearly depicted lines and shapes(1:41-1:45) and when they occur organically, it makes for a very pleasant visual surprise. This video is also a good example of concept consistency...from the costumes to the choice of movement and music, all the elements support each other and augment the final product.

KUDOS to Keone and Mariel for reminding us the classiness and maturity that is possible within the ever-changing, ever-evolving genre known as hip hop.

SERVINGCHOREO EXTRA: I have added a fun little extra feature, this is a video of Keone and Mariel in rehearsal for the piece, notice how the addition of cinematographic elements layers of the complexity of the source material.

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