Monday, January 2, 2012

"Kiss Kiss"...Tucker Barkley

Tucker Barkley is SERVINGCHOREO out of every pore in his body...this is short clip of his work:

MUSICALITY: When we talk about choreography, its important to make a distinction between the dancer's performance and the actual choreographic material. Its been said that some actors like Dustin Hoffman, are so talented, that they can make reading the phonebook dramatic and interesting. In a similar vein, sometimes talented dancers are asked to make "crap-ography" look good. So they layer on the charm, technique, tricks...sometimes it works, but usually we just feel bad for the dancer and wish the choreographer went back to their day job. In this case though, technical facility is matched with Tucker's incredibly precise ear and the result is astonishing. Watch the video once, from a choreography standpoint, and you will see that the movement is so deep in the groove of the music that they are inseparable. And then watch it again from a performance perspective, and watch Tucker blow your mind. PS he was a classically trained dancer, before delving into hip his pirouette at :19 and you will see why dance teachers stress ballet to ALL their students, hip hop or not.

DANCER SYNC: Tucker pushes his dancers to the limits of speed and precision, but its never jerky or awkward. Simply because the tempo is at a breakneck pace, never gives Tucker an excuse to "just throw something in."

AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: As I said before, when a choreographer deftly puts this much information into a short amount of time, its like an avalanche of intricate design...welcome to the thrilling world of Tucker's swiss timepiece choreo!

KUDOS to Tucker for actually listening to the track, and finding a way to elevate the music to the next level, with the addition of movement.

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