Monday, January 30, 2012

"Nonetheless"...Korhan Basaran

At SERVINGCHOREO, we strongly believe that choreography should be a seamless duet between body and breath, music and motion. This perfect symbiosis is in the spotlight when Korhan Basaran creates his phrases.

MUSICALITY: One of the major elements that distinguishes great classical musicians from technically proficient ones, is the ability to take a piece of music and breathe new life into it. The gift of interpretation is what separates the good from the great. Korhan is able to make a parallel statement in his choreography. He finds the moments in the music where his movement rides directly on top of the melody line. At other points, he is dancing in counterpoint to the musical phrase. His choice of Bach as the accompanying track is interesting in that the majority of Baroque music taps into this idea of two or more artistic, musical ideas moving in alternate, yet complimentary, directions. I watch his dance the way that I hear a prelude or fugue.

DANCER SYNC: While I am usually opposed to choreography that involves undue impact, when it is executed skillfully and safely, it can be particularly exciting. At 1:00-1:18, Korhan begins with a controlled impact to the floor. What follows though, is really quite stunning. The floor work is creative and finds interesting solutions to the locomotion challenges.

AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: I really like the way that Korhan emerges from the audience at the beginning. Its an interesting and captivating way to kick the piece into gear. By starting this way, the audience experiences the piece in a somewhat vicarious way, as if to say "he is one of us." The use of fall and release method, along with his wide legged straddle motif, creates continuity and rhythm within the movement, despite the track lacking an audible percussion.

KUDOS to Korhan for his hypnotic phrases, loose and fluid interpretation, and quality of composition.

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