Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Home"...Brandon Cournay

What happens when you combine a dancer who exudes clean, precise technique and extensive ROM, with a choreographer who has a mature understanding of theme, variation, phrasing and structure...well SERVINGCHOREO presents the work of Brandon Cournay :

MUSICALITY: Brandon is a Juilliard graduate and is a rising talent in the NYC choreography scene. One of his dynamic strengths is music selection and the blending of the "right" movement choices to the musical framework. Notice how the initial phrase is rooted in the instrumentation and vocals, and then through repetition and sequencing, the phrase is layered with complexity.

DANCER SYNC: Ryan Steele, who is the dancer in this video, is a incredible technician and YAMGP champ. In the past few years, his performances have deepened in their individuality and expression, that is impressive considering his young age. Brandon and Ryan trained together when they were growing up, so its evident that their styles of movement are considerably similar. Nonetheless, Brandon has done an exceptional job of utilizing Ryan's technique, without exploiting or cheapening it by over-emphasizing bravura "tricks."

AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: By making sensitive placement choices as to where the "flashy" elements will fit into the bigger picture, Brandon preps the viewer carefully through mindful sequencing. A phrase is introduced, and then a variation is added, and then the initial phrase returns...creating a very pleasing experience for the audience. In this manner, when we finally see something that takes advantage of Ryan's technical ability, it is cohesive with the bigger artistic picture...as opposed to a jarring and obnoxious advertisement for DANCE SPORT TRICKS GALORE!

KUDOS to Brandon for demonstrating how exceptional technique can be integrated skillfully into the bigger artistic vision...the sum of the parts, is greater than the most "fierce" trick.

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